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bespoke composition for television, film, computer games and advertising.


make yourself comfortable.


bespoke composition with DIY grit.


The Great Curve is the project of Nick Tompkins, songwriter for Brighton/London based alternative rock outfit Youth Sector who have enjoyed acclaim from national radio and international tastemakers in online and print press. Drawing from an ongoing career in live performance and songwriting, The Great Curve carry through the urgency and raw power of his ongoing career in guitar music whilst combining it with soaring cinematic soundscapes and exquisite melody.

The Great Curve revere the envelope-pushing songwriting prowess and analogue goodness of artists such as Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, Echo & The Bunnymen and DEVO and channel that into their work. Organic recording techniques take precedent with drums being tracked live in-studio where possible and experimentation is embraced with real guitars and analogue synthesizers; this does not limit innovation however with expertise in high-quality sound libraries, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating vibrant, urgent music.

Nick Tompkins


elevate your brand with extraordinary sounds. 

embrace drama.

 welcome subtlety.


music is a necessity in conveying messages; whether bombastic and loud or soft and intimate.

make an impact.

make your mark with hard-hitting music that 

demands attention.

push the envelope.

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work with professional musicians committed to experimentation and hard work to find your unique sound.

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let's talk.

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The Great Curve are based in London and Brighton.

Please contact via email or phone to discuss your next



tel: [+44] 7415324079


"Working with The Great Curve has been a fantastic experience. They have been incredibly hardworking and professional. The final tracks sounded amazing."

Sonia Panunzi - student filmmaker



"I really enjoyed working with The Great Curve as they worked closely with us and really did find our sound."

Jadine Rice - fashion student and filmmaker

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